2:27.56 SAR 4x4BLD solve by Guido Dipietro at Baires Centro Open 2018


R D2 B F L' B' F L' B U L B2 D2 R2 U2 B2 U2 F2 L U2 Uw2 Fw2 F' Uw2 U' B2 Rw2 F2 R2 D' L2 U2 B Rw' R' Fw2 R' B2 Rw Uw F2 R Uw F Rw D2 U2 x y2


z2' //Orientation

[y': [2R' 2D 2R, U2]]
[2U: [x: [2L', U 2R' U']]] //actually I'm not sure if I did this or if I cycle-broke... I think I did this comm, but I'm not certain...
[L2 2D2: [2D', 2L' U2 2L]]
[U' 2L' U, 2R2]
[U: [U 2L' U', 2R2]]
[R y: [2D2, 2L' U 2L]]
[y' F': [U 2R U', 2L2]]

[R: [R U2 R', D]]
[F': [U R U', L2]]
[D' R U: [R' D R, U]]
[U2 R: [U2, R D' R']]

[x: [2R, U L U']]
[U 2R2 U', L']
[Lw' U2: [2R2, U R' U']] //I don't remember if I used a 2L' setup to FUl...
[U' L U: 2R2]
[x': [U L2 U': 2R2]] //I did these last two with r2 as to not mess up, I'm not sure why lolol (the comm for this is pretty straightforward)
[x': [2R2, U' R2 U]]
[R': [2R U 2R', D2]]
[Lw U': [R' U R U', 2R2]] //I don't remember if I used a Lw setup or a U' DFr -> UBr -> LUf (advanced r2)
[U2 x': [2R2, L U L' U']]
[3U' R': [R', U 2R U']]
[U: [2R U' 2R', D]]
[D', 2R U 2R']
2L' U2 2L' U2 x U2 2L' U2 2R x' U2 2R' U2 x' 2L2


Added: May 30, 2018
Reconstructed by: Guido Dipietro