19.91 3x3BLD solve by Christopher Morris


F' U B U2 L' F' L' B' R' B R' F2 L D2 F2 L2 B2 R' U2 F2 Fw' Uw


x // Yes I scramble WCA and rotate and what. UF/UBL buffers

M' U' M' U' M U' M' U' M2 // IO (RU-BD)
[Uw' R': [E, R2]] // TV (LB-DR)
[U'D R': [E, R2]] // HU (FL-DF)
[U: [L' E L, U2]] // AJ (UB-RB)
[S: [L E' L', U]] // LS (RF-LD)

[L, U R' U'] // PO (BRD-BLD)
[U: [U , R' D R]] // BS (UBR-LFD)
[U2, R' D' R] // CL (UFR-RFD)


Added: May 21, 2018
Reconstructed by: Christopher Morris